The most advanced & perfected technology in fine art reproduction is the giclée printing method. Giclée, pronounced (zhee-clay), is a French term meaning “spray of ink”. Creating a giclée print requires the utmost care and attention on the part of the printer.
A beautiful, museum quality reproduction or print isn’t just a product of using the right equipment, media or inks. It’s a product of decades of experience, through much trial and error, and years of research. It is in our very existence to print things right the very first time.

The Process

The original painting is photographed and a digital image is created, which is then read by a computer. Then color corrections are made as needed, and the revised image is sent to a twelve color, large format printer. The printer produces the image by delivering a fine spray of ink, up to a million micro droplets per second. Each droplet is four times smaller than a human hair. The display of a full color spectrum allows for the portrayal of the finest detail and vibrancy of the artist’s original image and maximum resolution of color density. The image is printed on a choice from a selection of watercolor paper, canvas – depending on the desires of the artist. The print, if canvas, can then be stretched on a choice of stretcher bars and even gallery wrapped if desired. Watercolor or photo prints are ready to go! Giclée prints have been shown in museums and galleries throughout the world. Every giclée reproduction is accompanied by a personalized certificate of authenticity, that reflects the quality, style, clarity and color correctness of the reproduction.

What is the expected life of a giclee reproduction/print?

The most important fact to remember is that all color fades. As far as Giclee prints are concerned, some original watercolors & most lithographs will fade much faster than a well-made Giclee. Unlike lithographs and serigraphs, Giclees have undergone extensive, third-party fade-testing. While the predicted display life depends on many variables, under typical home or office lighting , and depending on the papers or canvas used, giclees made with wide-gamut pigmented inks are estimated to last in some cases over 130 years without noticeable fade. All of our testing information comes from independent testing labs and the manufacturers of the materials we use.